One of the ceremonial attire and insignia worn by ecclesiastical officials and assistants is indicative of their rank and appropriate to the rites being celebrated in the church.

This is speaking of robes worn by Priests as befitting of their ranks and offices they occupy/ represent when performing ecclesiastical functions or duties.

It is universally acknowledged that every profession has it’s insignia or paraphernalia by which its practitioners are identified and recognized.

Even God Almighty in His wisdom had instructed Moses to make special garments for Aaron, the High Priest and his officiating children for beauty and dignity (Exodus 28:1-6).

The garments are for beauty and dignity (honour) for the Priests that serve God and his people right from the old testament dispensation, then the present day Priests should get ready as new testament ministers to have the best as the scripture has declared in Hebrews 5:1-4…….” for no one taketh this honour into himself except he that is called by God, like Aaron was called”. Priests are called to an office with honour from the cradle of priestly calls.

One Accord international convention believes in as well as places premium importance on the dignity of her priests and ministers as their feet are described as “beautiful” from the old Testament(Isaiah 52:7 & Romans 10:15).

It is on these scriptural declaration that our convention has drawn its belief and acceptance for our ministers to be properly robed as and when the needs arise.

It is recommended that our ministers be properly dressed (robed) for both ordination, consecration and all other official engagements (including processions as may be directed by the President of One Accord), so as to keep the dignity and honour associated with our office and calling.

Ministers who default in this regard will be prevented from participating in processions.

It is a very common practice among ministers of the Pentecostal Fellowships to easily abuse offices due to ignorance, arrogance or even both without recourse to ranks and those offices.

The fact remains that the Pentecostal has more quacks or mediocre (untrained or partially trained) priests than any other denomination in Christendom. We must quickly accept this fact and truth to pave way for corrections and thereby preserve our respect before the people of this world.

Many Pentecostal ministers are obviously ignorant of the actual office God has called them into.
The five-fold ministry gifts to date remain unclear to many, hence the confusion that has given birth to “anyhow” appearance of ministers.

One Accord is aware of this lacuna in Ecclesiology of the Pentecostal and has come to change this error through the teaching of its Priests and retraining of its ministers.

It is important, therefore, that we submit ourselves for training and retraining in most of these areas to be better operators in our fields of endeavor.

An archbishop must dress as an archbishop and Bishops as bishops and not otherwise. Appropriate dresses and colours must be known and accepted and not the other way round.

One Accord is for the good of us all and better appearance and improved operations in the work we do.