In the minds of men everywhere, benefits from the associations they belong to matter a lot and in most cases serve as the attraction to that association. However, this more often than not brings and causes deviation, derailment and distraction from purpose, yet One Accord has great godly benefits ranging from the followings:

1. The unification that brings brethren together profits everyone in this movement as peace, unity and love promote progress and uplift our spirituality.

2. We are brought into relationship with one another for both change of pulpits and progress in ministries.

3. Members of this movement stand to improve in their spiritual lives by having direct access to the educational arm of One Accord in the great ECCLESIASTICAL TRAINING COLLEGE that train and retrain Priests twice every year (March and October), this College remains unbeatable in its training and retraining program as it makes Ministers sweat out for two weeks of solid studies with competent teachers from various educational background.

4. Since One Accord involves travelling it gives ministers the opportunity of leaving their countries for other nations for the Gospel sake as travel is said to be part of education. It is said that “a travelling child has better exposure and experience than the sitting elder that goes nowhere”.

 5. International ministerial and business connections are made as we stand to help one another both in ministries and business as the case maybe.

6. One Accord is ready and available to support our members meet reasonable and ascertainable needs. 7. Our members traveling from one country to another on ministerial assignment or genuine and legal business ventures will receive a good hosting by any member in the destination country provided there is adequate information and notice to the resident member and the visiting  member is recommended by a registered member.

8. We ordain, consecrate and license qualified members into their offices of calling and issue such with relevant One Accord certificates.

9. At death which everyone knows is inevitable, One Accord shows up to do the needful as will be permitted by the bereaved family or Church.

10. One Accord stands for our members as an arbitration body to resolve disputes instead of resorting to litigation in the courts of the land to answer the earthly judges “yes my lord” when we have already confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior. Other benefits will be unfolded in due course as the good LORD keeps us growing and expanding.