One Accord Believers Fellowship has men and women in mind and not monetary gain or benefits.
This is to say that the target and purpose of One Accord are certainly not for money but for the lives of men and women to be put in shape for earthly relevance and kingdom ready simultaneously.

We may not know what is obtainable and acceptable in other fellowships as per finance but in One Accord we are human and kingdom oriented m.

However, by virtue of our Constitution One Accord Fellowship accepts cash donations, seeds, other tangible gifts, properties, offerings from members, Governments, concerned individuals/ corporate bodies, etc. It is also permitted to do fundraisings, to finance its work.

It is a standing principle that cash offerings and all other donations realized during One Accord convention, meetings and fellowships must be remitted to the account of the fellowship, the event venue notwithstanding.

All One Accord funds must be credited in the designated account. This is the standing rule for this fellowship.

Every organization needs money to fund their projects and we are not an exception. In the event of exigencies, however, all urgent expenditure must be duly authorized and approved by the President in conjunction with a minimum of 2 other Trustee members and thereafter disbursed and properly recorded.