One Accord is the coming together of believers and yet to believe men and women (HUMANITY) for the purpose of worship of God, imbibing of the pure WORD of God to impact the society and prepare for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (Parousia) through the expository teaching and preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise or dilution of any sort. It is a fellowship of love and unity, which makes us a family of God.

The hosting of the convention is designed to teach love and cares practically as the cost is being borne by the hosting nation with support from congregating nations and churches. The fellowship is yet to receive assistance from corporate organizations or Governments. Prayerfully, we have confidence in our God that any moment from now, this will begin to happen, but for now, it is nations and Churches that declare their love and interest in the business of God for impact and progress of both Churches, people and nation that host the convention.

To host One Accord Convention is to be seriously minded, bold, courageous and available for God to use. To this effect, it is simply asking or requesting from the executive assembly of the convention once and interest is indicated. Prayerfully, the council looks into the requests (when in multiples) and makes its position known by announcing the host nation / organization for the next Convention. The Nation that gets the hosting right thereafter takes time to liaise with the One Accord Secretariat in Lagos Nigeria for information and guidance.

It is the duties of the hosting nation to provide free accommodation and feeding for all the congregating people from the arrival dates of the convention till the departure of delegate/ members. The convention accepts good hostel facilities with basic comfort for members and hotel accommodation for ministers considering or putting into cognizance the status of our esteemed fathers in the Lord. The president of the Convention is accorded due respect as the arrow head and brain box of this vision.


Good arrangement must be put in place for easy movement of all our members mainly from their lodgment areas to the venue of the Convention and back each time the need arises. Ministers must be taken separately as well as the flocks while a standby vehicle in good standing must be positioned for the president with a neat godly driver for all his movements from arrivals and departures. For the purpose of the conventions, all the vehicles dedicated for transportation must be provided free of charge to delegates by the hosts.


One Accord cares so much for her members therefore all catering concerns must be prepared with utmost hygiene having the health of all in mind. Three square meals are expected to be served members, the breakfast, lunch and dinner should be available without compromise.

Check what food the people appreciate the more and carry everyone along as we are brethren flowing together in love and fostering unity in the body of Christ. The foods come free as no charge is attached but delegates must show their meal tickets to confirm registration.


The accommodation for our members should graduate from manger to a better sleeping place devoid of security risks, attacks or threats to life. It is to be provided free for all members as this gesture equally encourages attendance and promotes both giving and hospitality which has far reaching benefits (Hebrew 13:1-3)

Our fathers in the Lord should have in mind that it is our collective responsibilities to make the vision of this convention achieve its godly desired results hence  their accommodation should be within the reach of the host nation and not a loan-required accommodation as we preach  moderation with comfort. No one in any One Accord paid accommodation and hotels “ORDER” for any food or drinks on behalf of the hosting nation. This is forbidden except by the permission of the hosting nation and thus equally must go with moderation and heart of God. We do everything to reduce hosts’ liabilities to the barest minimum. Our understanding and cooperation are highly sought for here.


The One Accord morning session are designed to better our knowledge of the word of God and make clearer some distorted teachings and preaching that are not helpful and beneficial to believers, hence we run the morning session like a college course with clarity and avoiding ambiguity and the doctrinal bias that divide rather than unite us. The session requires all participant registration with a token fee of between ten to twenty ($10-20) dollars per candidate. This is to assist the convention in the areas of certificates which are awarded at the end of the course during graduation ceremony. Here we seek the understanding of all as well. The teachings and preaching sessions begin at 9:00 am and the handlers are seasoned, experienced and balanced ministers of the Gospel, so as to enrich participants with deeper and lucid knowledge of the scripture to profit all.


The membership of One Accord is open to any church, individuals, nations and Governments that believe and would accepts unity of people of God and love sharing (bible standard) amongst all. Our Vision is to see ourselves as brethren and flow together in love so as to be the people God want us to be. Registration is required from any one that want to become a member, even the Churches  that desire membership and the seam of One Hundred ($100) dollars is paid for life as it is one-time payment with identity cards issued.

This registration is done in the countries and zones where our appointed officers domicile. One seeking registration should do this through his national or zonal coordinators for the sake of proper identification and attestation of would be members as we have in mind the security of our sheep from the wolves. In most cases we seek for recommendations from known members so as to frustrate the efforts of unrepentant men and women wanting to infiltrate our movement. Everyone is aware of the existence of false teachers and prophets who have been of old and increaseth in these perilous times. Be your brother keeper is good for this convention.

We need people and fellowship, yes, but not the mixed multitudes. The spirit of Jeroboam and Balaam must be killed out from the Church to make way for Barnabas, Priscilla and Aquila to grow the Church.


Since the inception of One Accord in Lagos Nigeria, 1993, the Glory of God Pentecostal Mission, Lagos has hosted this convention from its cradle 1993-2014. The ministers from Zambia led by the departed Pastor Ike Geoffrey Nwaneri came into the Convention that resulted in Gen. (Dr) Tim Kazembe, the Vice President of the Convention, seeking to host in their Country, in 2015 and this request was granted them in 2013 to go ahead and prepare the land and the people for One Accord Zambia 2015. In the well-organized and very successful One Accord Convention held in Lusaka, Bishop Sixberth Mkelemi of Tanzania in an intense bid contest with the Congolese Bishop Jean Pierre Muloko Ngoy, got the right to host One Accord in Tanzania in 2016 at the Kilimanjaro region of Moshe Town. In the year 2017, it took the effort of Rev John Karanja and John Kariuki to take the Convention to Kenya in Ruiru County. After three years away from Nigeria, the Convention returned to Nigeria, specifically in Benin City, Edo State in July 2018.

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