One Accord Belivers’ Fellowship.

One Accord Believers Fellowship, which started it’s fellowship since 1992/93 in the state of Lagos, Nigeria has as it’s mandate the Unity of the body of Christ and her ministers (Priests) as well as educating and re-educating the Africans on the need to get back to God and therein enjoy the blessings in the continent. To this assignment called vision, men and women have been brought together for the worship of God of creation and giving him praise every last week in July. For over twenty years now and still counting, this assignment has been carried out and sustained by both men and women of understanding and fear for God with their substances.

One Accord is not a money making Fellowship but a life building and giving movement as it teaches and try to bring people into their destinies in Christ Jesus.

Anyone that comes to One Accord, comes with one knowledge that the African continent must not remain as it is now(crawling and confused) hence we by worship and teaching of the truth of the word God trust that Africa and her Churches will rise and be great. When this happens everyone in the continent and her Priests and members benefit from this transformation and change more than the individual benefits people ask for and want. Let it be mentioned here that One Accord will stand by any member of this fellowship in the hour of need so far we are informed and well notified to play a role. One Accord does not and will not abandon any her members nor followers as the case maybe. Everyone that belongs to this fellowship must make it clearly known to members of his or her family that you belong to us as this is no secret cult nor society. One Accord does not distribute money but raises money for the Gospel sake. We look forward to all coming to join us to understand us from the cradle. We will be ready and at hand to partner with any nation or organization, even church and people that want or desire our partnership. Inform and invite One Accord to your event and there we shall be to both encounter you and play any role that may be allocated us. Shallom our good people, but let us join hands to see that Africa takes her place in the global politics and worship of Jehovah.Long live One Accord and African people and Church.