This is a movement for both the Church and un-churched people, all for whom salvation and redemption have been secured by the Saviour of the world, Jesus Christ (John 1:29).

It is not in any way intended to the Lord an ideology on anyone rather it is about man understanding his rights and privileges (Hosea 4:6) in God and the world and putting them into use to better himself and humanity.

One Accord International Convention began with the vision that God by his Spirit gave to Uju Wonders, the Presiding Bishop of Glory of God Pentecostal Mission, Lagos- Nigeria in the year 1990 and the implementation began in July 1993 in Lagos Nigeria by the members of the Church who pooled their resources together to host the first Convention which drew worshipers from all over Nigeria that year.

During that maiden edition, the visioner emphasized succinctly that the unity of the body of Christ and humanity is so paramount to God that Jesus Christ had to pray for it (Psalm 133; John 17 18-21). Both the believers in Christ and the yet to believe are important to God since Jesus Christ did not die for the Christians alone but the entire world. The teachings on this Jesus’ heartbeat and the understanding by all and sundry is the hallmark of One Accord International Convention which result will be love, unity and improved coexistence in this world; the man of God declared this vision to all and has continued to make the message known by taking it from country to country for the benefit of humanity and nations of the world.

One Accord is all about fellowship with God and our fellow human beings with a great devotion to clear teachings and preaching aimed at taking away the “animal” in man and the leave him as “the man God made in his image and after his likeness”(Genesis 1:26).

It is true and very correct that God created man for his pleasure and worship which must be clearly understood by all so as to give quality services (worship)to God always rather than adulterated fellowship prevalent in many places today.

The need and purpose for fellowship is fastly fading due to a shift from the reality to quack and pseudo gathering of men and women in the name of worship that is far less than the intention of God Almighty. One Accord wishes to bring about restoration to true worship and Bible based (quality) life, spiced with love of God for all.

Think about the dichotomy among the ministers of the Gospel and the bickering cum schism among brethren. As a result, lack of trust and suspicion has taken over almost everywhere.

Believers rarely receive a gift from fellow believers without invoking the blood of Jesus Christ over it. We are aware that there is a sharp shift from the Bible based Christianity to shallow minded and miracle seeking men and women all over fellowships everywhere that people seem not to be interested in the Word of God but heavily looking for and relying on predictions and sooth-sayings in the fellowships.

Bringing people back to God is our business and we will neither rest nor relax until we are able to steer all mankind to serve the sovereign LORD through our movement and the sound Bible messages we bring to everyone we come in contact with. “Father make them one as we are one” is the age long prayer of Jesus Christ depicting the importance of the unity among members of the body of Christ for effectiveness and results, yet the Church is so precipitated to the level of one asking the same Pauline question-” is Christ divided”?

The Church in some places seem to have been snatched from her Lord Jesus Christ by gullible men who now show contempt in Church affairs with all manners of strange fires introduced. We are neither a body nor movement that has come to fight for God nor the Church but people who contend with the Faith once delivered to the saints.

Both sound doctrine and sanctity of the body of Christ must be maintained hence One Accord. We must truly stand out as our brothers’ keepers rather than our brothers’ killers.

One Accord has come with all sincerity to work in accord with Churches that believe in the totality of the Bible as God’s words penned down and unity of the believers all over the globe, without discrimination and barriers.
It started in a Church worship center since 1991 and has been sustained by the power of God, his Grace and cooperation of men and women that drew near to know that this one is of God and from God for our wellbeing.

The FINANCE: from its inception till date the financing of the One Accord has been by the hosting nations and people of God deploying their resources like the Church in Acts after the Pentecost( Acts 4:32-36). The One Accord caters for the foreign delegates’ accommodation and feeding throughout the convention.